Don't see anything you want to pick up at the moment? Consider purchasing me a coffee to help fuel this endeavor. As a thank you, I'll post up your message on this page.

Please leave your custom message in the order comments section when you check out. I'll default to your first name and last name initial, but if you would like a custom name/no name, please include that in the order comment as well. 



People Who Have Purchased Me a Coffee:

S. Likely - Hello. We've been trying to reach you concerning your vehicle's extended wa

Starscream - "Who disrupts my coronation?"

David S - Elon Musk's success is all luck.

Andrea - Thank you for showing this Italian the beauty of America and how eagles can make a grown man cry. It is true that you have the best pizza in the world. [paraphrased]

D R - ...a little bribe.

D R - ...a little bribe.

J D - Mini nukes!

B- a coffee to help, thank you for everything you do 

C L - Hey, this pen you included in my order is such a nice one lmao. It writes so smooth, and it honestly feels great to hold. Didn't expect be give a pen review when I ordered the Lego, but damn I appreciate a good pen

Cesar U. - Love the stuff so far, looking forward to more!

@yippee_ky_yay - "Come out to the coast. We'll get together, have a few laughs...."

G - [No message, so I will make one up] LANDO! Really cool to see what you are doing with Brick Warp as well as mysterious other projects. I'm so happy to have purchased you a coffee. I can 100% confidently say that my life has been improved 100% by supporting individuals, such as yourself.

Rob G - Much love Lando, please keep up the amazing designs <3

S - Proud to support a fellow Minnesotan! 

S - Ordering from my basement, looking forward to the goods mr Landoni

T - Natural selection has resulted in Lando. [My apologies, nature]

John C. -Thanks Amigo.

Riley M. -Now where's the bottle opener/stud remover all-in-one...

Marshal S. -It’s SO nice to see you back, Lando!!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

R - much love lando <3

Alexander K. - Please test your smoke detectors once a month and replace the batteries every year.

Jake P. - Babe wake up Lando is back. Buy coffee so he can design figs

Jake F. - :)

Dad - Go get it Landon! I'm your number 1 fan!

Kyle G. - May the height of success come upon you!

Hulk H. - Hey Brother, you are like a brother to me.

Dr. M. - Hey Lando. Thanks for everything. Really. I never would have solved that award winning equation without your thoughtful input.

Miles D. - TO THE MOON!

X - I will destroy you. You have thwartted my plans for too long.

Gary - If you are reading this, the launch codes are █████-███. See you planetside.

Agnes F. - Thank you for rescuing my cat from the burning tree.

Tony M. - hi.

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