Here is my legolized version of a C4 explosive bomb. Now I'm no demolitions expert, but the video game model this is based on looks pretty convincing. I tried to get the important switches, buttons, and wires to capture that same look. This will be a nice upgrade to the stock Lego dynamite sticks that they seem to have readily available in Lego City. What's up with that anyway? Is Lego City located next to an unsecured open pit mine? Police there are so occupied chasing down explosive wielding criminals, that they are failing to prevent the further theft and proliferation of explosives. One can only assume the criminals have infiltrated the highest levels of Lego City government to allow this self-perpetuating cycle to escalate like this. The addition of accurate C4 custom printed 1x1 tiles will help simulate the logical conclusion of this explosive arms race.

Includes five 1x1 custom printed genuine Lego tiles in random colors. 

All art designed and printed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Earth, by the HUMAN individual named Lando, unless otherwise stated or I'm forced to say that by nameless shadow organization under threat of space treason, again.


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