Based on Lego City’s perpetual fires, explosions, and jail breaks, one can assume the workplace is equally as hazardous. So, for all your dangerously out of code Lego City workplaces and job sites, I’ve put together a 1x1 round tile pack of safety signs.


  • 16 custom printed 1x1 round Lego tiles
  • Official IS0 7010 artwork in high contrasting white
  • Probably blueberry flavored (DO NOT EAT. THIS IS A JOKE.)
  • Definitely blueberry scented. (Also a joke, but probably won't hurt you. You are now thinking about smelling all your Lego because, rumor has it, each color is a different fruit flavor)
  • Adds detail to industrial or construction site dioramas

Designed and printed with love and sometimes vindictive anger by yours truly. 

This is not an official Lego product, but I am using genuine Lego. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY HARM OR INJURIES RESULTING FROM CONSUMPTION. 

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