If the screams of dial-up still haunt you in the quiet, you’ve probably experienced an old computer crapping out on you and displaying an ominous blue screen with pixelated text. As a tribute to this shared experience, I created this badge brick.


GLOSSARY (yes there will be a quiz):

Badge Brick: Typically a 1x8 stud brick with custom printing of various topics. Often given out to Lego convention exhibitors in commemoration of the event. The more you acquire, the more you have.

Brick Badge: A stack of badge bricks typically worn by Lego convention exhibitors.

PHAs: Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. Asteroids that orbit in close proximity to Earth or cross Earth's orbital path that are large enough to cause catastrophic regional or global damage in the event of impact. As of 2022, there are 2,304 known PHAs.

System: The original main product line of interlocking bricks by The Lego Group.


Designed and printed with love and sometimes rage by yours truly. Not an offical Lego product, but it sure is made using genuine Lego.

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