Behold the majesty of greeting cards from the 90s featuring animals from Canada. This hand selected pack features six legendary greeting cards sporting beautiful illustrations by the presumably Canadian artist Bernie Brown. Cards are printed on quality cardstock and feature a blank interior for you to write your inspired greetings, best wishes, or stoic consolations.

This newly rediscovered treasure trove of greeting cards sat untouched for decades in a remote cottage villa of northern North Dakota, only to be rediscovered by an aspiring entrepreneur & preserver of history, Landon Reimer. Now for the first time this millennium, this collection is available to the general public again. Don't wait before the vault doors of Canadian history close forever!

Possibly related, my first job was to pack greeting card collections for my parents' side venture. This GUARANTEED TO SUCCEED side hustle was to hit the tri-state area & their unsuspecting gift shops by STORM. Tens of packages were sold and a LEGACY was born. While they didn't do so well at the time, I think they aged pretty well. Pick up a pack and keep the hopes and dreams of the 90s alive.

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