Available April 27th 3PM Central.

Intended to help complete the new Brick Warp WWII US Marine, the Beachhead Pack features everything your grunt needs to keep fighting, commonplace sites on any Pacific battlegrounds. I've put a signifigant amount of research into this pack to ensure you have the widest range of use for any WWII Pacific build. From C-Rations featuring the original black, red, or blue text (chosen at random), to the proper M1 (not M1A1, as I learned the hard way) ammo can. 

Included in this pack: 

  • x1 complete printed 30 caliber M1 ammo can 
  • x1 printed cigarette pack 
  • x3 printed early-war model K-Rations 
  • x1 printed D-ration 
  • x3 printed early-war model C-rations (printed text colors chosen at random) 

Information Info: Art and printing by Lando (that’s me!) on genuine factory direct Lego bricks. This is a custom product created independently and not affiliated or endorsed by Lego.

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