Lend a hand to the notoriously unfashionable and ill-equipped inhabitants of Lego City. My latest Brick Warp Swag Pack lets them support local artists and perhaps make the playoffs this year with a proper baseball bat.

There is also a 1x4 badge brick for you to prove your unquestioning allegiance to your neighborhood friendly Lando at conventions.

Seriously have you seen the official Lego baseball bat? I don't think the designer had ever seen a real baseball bat up close before. I bet their manager had to explain that "It is like a cricket bat, but round instead of flat." and then walked out of the room.

Swag Pack Includes:

  • Genuine LEGO® beanie with hair and custom "BRICK WARP" wordmark printing.
  • Genuine LEGO® minifigure hoodie torso with custom Brick Warp overprinting.
  • Custom injected trucker hat with "BRICK WARP" wordmark printing.
  • BrickArms® baseball bat with custom "LANDOVILLE STACKER" and subtle woodgrain printing.
  • Genuine LEGO® 1x4 brick in RARE flat silver with custom Brick Warp Logo printing.

Information Info: Art and printing by Landon Reimer on genuine factory direct Lego bricks, BrickArms®, and custom injected bricks. This is a custom product created independently and not affiliated or endorsed by Lego. Hi mom.

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