Sales pitch: Featuring industry leading 360-degree wrap around printing, this minifigure head is an upgraded reimagining of classic Lego printing from the 80s and 90s. Perfectly at home on the beaches of Lego City as well as more tactical scenarios, a retaining lanyard is vital for keeping those shades in place (insert sunglasses emoji here to establish credibility with the youth).

Backstory: Lego doesn’t talk much about the geopolitics surrounding Lego City, but judging by the influence of the mega oil corporation Octan, a considerable private military must be in place to maintain regional stability and corporate interests. Private Military Contractors (PMC) are known for their use of commonly available civilian gear, particularly sunglasses, in their combat loadout. 

Misc Print Info: This is a difficult print job, requiring some of the most accurate alignment and artwork that I'm able to achieve. The minifigure head is an irregular shape to begin with (read: it is not flat) and maintaining alignment around the circumference is an additional challenge. BUT IT GOES DEEPER. The face, in particular, is the most difficult artwork to get right. Lego has an established look and when you are off by just a little bit, things look weird. Put that all together, and you have quite the challenge. I hope the results speak for themselves.

Information Info: Art and printing by Lando (that’s me!) on genuine factory direct Lego bricks. Product includes 1 head only. This is a custom product created independently and not affiliated or endorsed by Lego. Self destruct code 13885-0.

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