Display your explosive personality and affinity toward pixelated games with this gratuitously printed TNT badge brick. 

Originally I just printed one side, but then had the thought, "Huh. This would look neat if it had more TNT printing. That's silly since you never see the back side of a badge brick. But it still would be neat." 

TNT Badge Brick 1x8 (360 Print) Includes:

  • The single one (1) individual brick itself
  • Printing on four (4) sides
  • Aprox 620 to 750 nm wavelenghts (it is red)


GLOSSARY (yes there will be a quiz):

Badge Brick: Typically a 1x8 stud brick with custom printing of various topics. Often given out to Lego convention exhibitors in commemoration of the event. The more you acquire, the more you have.

Brick Badge: A stack of badge bricks typically worn by Lego convention exhibitors.


Designed and printed with love and sometimes rage by yours truly. Not an offical Lego product, but it sure is made using genuine Lego.

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